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Garden Shop Organics is a Private Market geared towards uniting the Urban Community & Entrepreneurs around Natural Organics and Health Awareness! Everything sold on our site is Purchased with Morcos Cryptocurrency and processed through our MoorPay Banking Services to always assure safety and Lawful transactions.

Garden Shop Organics is a membership community that uses the power of direct buying to deliver the world’s best healthy Organic food and natural products to our members at wholesale prices.


We’re committed to delivering incredible value to our members. At 25-50% off the normal retail, most G.S.O members will witness the savings within their first 2 orders. That leaves a year of savings and buying goods you can afford. Without having to go through a Major retailer cuts out the middle man, and now you have direct access to the Supplier themselves!



In order to shop on GardenShopOrganics.com You must have an MoorPay Account. Our website is a PRIVATE marketplace and we do not accept Foreign Currencies; all USD must be converted to our Private Morcos Cryptocurrency before customers can acquire anything on our site.

The Process Is Easy:

#1. Log on to the TheOmniOnline.com, and Acquire a Omni Account to access our Digital Omniverse.

#2. Visit our “MoorPay” Planet, and set up an official MoorPay Account to Deposit Your USD.

#3. After Depositing your USD into your account, you can then Convert your US Dollars into our <Morcos Cryptocurrency> by clicking the “Exchange” button on the menu panel. From there you can easily convert/exchange your USD into Morcos!

#4. After you exchange your USD for our Cryptocurrency, you can then Come to GardenShopOrganics and shop within our Organic Marketplace

Take Note: $1 USD = 1 Morcos (MRC) Crypto Coin

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